completely forgot to mention to the worst part

this guy ran up to me and randomly started chatting me up in the street telling me i looked ‘interesting’ purely bc i was dressed all in black and have ginger hair? and like i made it very obvious that i didn’t want to talk to him bc he introduced himself and I immediately said ‘mynamesalice buti’vehadareallylongdayandihavetogogetmybus’ but he still insisted on talking to me so i mentioned that he’d judged me purely on looks and he kept on waffling about meeting another time and eventually i said i really have to go and nearly ran off and cried.

I’m trying v hard not to feel guilty bc it wasn’t like he was harassing me he was perfectly pleasant and any other day i might have not have ran off but i made it obvious i didn’t want to talk to him and yet her persisted

today got so much worse

so I joined the gym and that wasn’t even the least anxious thing that happened this evening.

so i left the gym and pulled out my scarf but so did my phone which fell on the floor and as i realised i dropped it i stepped back but then subsequently stood on my bloody phone

so now it won’t work like at all i’ve had to buy a dirt cheap alarm clock to use to get up for work and the screen is completely smashed and the worst thing is i went to the apple store who couldn’t do anything for me bc it ten to 8 and was about to close so tomorrow i have to go in to make an appointment which most likely won’t be until sunday.


Going for a meal at Jamie’s Italian at the beginning of the month and I already know what I’m having 👏

I’m never this organised.