In better news I finished my bus book which was Before We Met which was interesting and gripping but could have been better.

But now I’ve got a choice of two new bus books. Either all gods children need travelling shoes by Maya Angelou or Dracula, a spooky book for a spooky month.

Just paid £3.10 to get home bc I saw the bought date as the expiry date on my bus pass and then panicked and couldn’t remember the word fallowfield so I paid absolute maximum bus fare to get to bloody Chorlton where I don’t live 🙈

And I paid with a fiver so the bus driver was fuming.

Those thingymabobs are from the anonymously tell me your opinion of me which I reblogged last night.

And I do appreciate them. But in that second one, telling me to be confident is like telling a crappy nun she needs to pray more.